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With Dr. Bruce Lipton, Thomas Keating, Dr. Joe Vitale, Lynne McTaggart, and many others gathered in service …

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  • Help get the word out – by sharing the Interview Series, or the Online or in-person Resonance Experiment with your Email Community and Social Networks
  • Sponsor an in-person Resonance Experiment for your local community

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A New Era of Collaborative Service is Emerging Supported by a New Paradigm of Spiritual Leadership

The New Era of Collaborative Service, Demarcated by:

  • Spiritual Resonance as the Guiding Principal
  • Alignment and Values Based Engagement
  • Collaborative Opportunities that Allow You to Share Your Message and Insights

The New Paradigm is Emerging: Embodied Spiritual Leadership:

  • Service in Surrender – as the Old Paradigm of Control and Perfection Fades Away
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability as Twin Guiding Principals – so You May Walk WITH those In Your Community and the World
  • Embodied Knowledge and Gifts – so the Divine Mystery Can Reveal Itself Through YOU

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So Your Voice – Perspective – Gifts and Message May be part of the Tapestry that is being Revealed Now.

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** Your name will never be shared, sold or brokered…

Dear Friend,

I’m honored to invite you be part of the Resonance Movement. It’s what we’re all doing isn’t it? Your work – with your community – and the world. Ultimately, it’s about supporting people in a deeper understanding and experience of Resonance.

Now is the time for us to come together in service. With the world reflecting the contradictions of ever present polarities, it’s more essential now than it’s ever been before, that we join together in service to support a growing movement in Resonance. With so many stuck in the paradigms of good and evil or perfection and failure, it is imperative that the pathway to Resonance already present in every human being on the planet be clearly illuminated.

While we all know that spirituality underlies everything else, it’s time for this knowledge to mature into a collective experience – not with the privledged few, but the collective many. No matter the background, beliefs, experiences or challenges, it’s time for everyone to have the opportunity to make a meaningful, experiential shift into Resonance. Your voice, your gifts, your community and your commitment are essential. I invite you to join me as together we serve and support and Embody Divine Resonance in the world, one person at a time.

Take a couple of mintues now and complete the form (follow the link below) and add your voice, your community and your Resonance to the Resonance Movement.

Further Into the Mystery, All the More Extraordinary with You!


Join the Resonance Movement Now and Add Your Embodied Resonance, Gifts and Message

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** Your name will never be shared, sold or brokered…